Rules in Ensjøveien 31

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House Rules Ensjøveien 31

  1. Backyards, stairwells, corridors and common basement rooms must not be occupied with objects belonging to the residents, such as boxes, furniture, sports equipment, kid’s strollers and the like. Bicycles and other vehicles must be placed in an area designated by the Condominium's administration or business manager.
  2. Any contamination of the backyard, lawn area and the above common areas is forbidden. All waste must be placed in appropriate containers. Any spillage around the rubbish bins should be avoided.
  3. Smoking in stairwells or lifts is prohibited.
  4. Beating and airing of clothes, furniture, carpets, bedding, etc. must only take place in the backyard or other places designated by the board or business manager.
  5. Without written consent, it is forbidden to place posters and notices of any kind on the properties, as well as to paint windows and walls and putting up signs, antennas or the like.
  6. The entrance doors must always be kept locked.
  7. Common rooms, such as laundry rooms or drying rooms, are used by the residents in accordance with further provisions laid down by the condominium. To the extent that cleaning of common rooms, such as stairs and corridors, is to be carried out by the residents, this shall be done according to duty lists set up by the administration.
  8. Renovation work must be reported to the board before the work is started. The developer must, as far as possible, apply for the work to be carried out to the least possible discomfort for other residents.
  9. The apartments and otherwise in the house should be quiet between kl. 23:00 and 07.00. Sociability that may cause noise must be notified to other residents in advance. Excessive partying is considered a breach of the housing relationship.
  10. Residents are responsible for ensuring that house rules are enforced by the household and others who have been given access to the apartment or property in general.


Parking regulations

  1. The board will at all times assess the need for the number of guest parking spaces
  2. The condominium's parking spaces are otherwise rented out - preferably to residents in Ensjøveien 31
  3. Each section has the opportunity to rent one parking space through the condominium. If more are desired, it must be rented at market price through sublease (VestPark)
  4. Owners, who are also residents, have a preferential right to rent the spaces that are in the courtyard
  5. Residents without a parking spot may ask to be added to the waiting list, and are offered a spot, when it later becomes available
  6. The term of notice is one month
  7. The rent for the parking spots is priced at NOK 250 per month
  8. The rental price can be adjusted when the administration deems it necessary
  9. It is invoiced quarterly
  10. Rent is charged for all spots, except the janitor’s spot, the trailer spot and the guest parking spot
  11. The tenant shall have the opportunity to renew the agreement every twelve months, if the waiting list is empty
  12. The spot is limited to twelve months and tenants must actively request renewal
  13. The administration / business manager administers the parking agreement, although it could also be set aside for follow-up by security companies
  14. If the parking agreement is abused, the right to park can be revoked
  15. The board will try to sublet vacant spots. The price for this may be higher than the regular rental for residents


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