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Mail from the administration

Make sure mail sent from does not get lost in your spam filter, in order to receive important information from the board. The spam filter often classifies the 

mails from the board as spam, since they tend to contain links or other information, and especially since they are sent to multiple email addresses at the same time. We recommend every resident and owner to make sure their email configuration is set to accept all email sent from



All apartments in Ensjøveien 31 include broadband via TELIA's basic subscription. To get your WIFI-connection up and running, you must contact Telia to receive a modem, which is then registered to the resident personally. The standard speed included is the collective package with 10Mbps down and 5Mbps up. Each resident can upgrade the speed by personally contacting Telia.

Contact Telia on tel. 92405050 or at 

You can have a modem sent to you in the mail, or you can pick it up at an Elkjøp store, after you have ordered it.

See more at 


Elvia (previously Hafslund)

We recommend Elvia as a power supplier. Their telephone number for customer support is 02024 – and in addition, they can be contacted by chat at 

You will find the meter number in your fuse box out in the hallway. The fuse boxes out in the hallway are numbered according to the apartments (the apartment on the far right has the fuse box on the far right, second right has the box second on the right, etc. The apartment on the left has the fuse box on the left).



Would you like extra keys to your apartment? Use the contact form ( on this website. Remember to include the number on the key you want a copy of (or on your lock cylinder).



To have your name written on the mailbox, contact the janitor. Send him your full name in a text message or email, along with your apartment number. You will then receive a sticker with your name. We also encourage residents to order mailbox signs privately at 



The janitor can update your name on the digital panel on the intercom at the entrance.


Name sign

We encourage residents to order name tags to have by the doorbell via 


Communal laundry

There is a communal laundry room in the basement in stairwell B. To enter, use the master key. Before doing laundry, make an appointment on the common board hanging inside the laundry room. There are two washing machines, and a dryer. Laundry costs NOK 20,- and dryer costs NOK 15,-. Pay with coins or bank card at the payment box inside the laundry.



Inquiries regarding the condominium's insurance must be made to the business manager (



Read more about parking on our parking page (



Read more about history on our history page (



We recommend looking at the information at Documents ( – the answers to many of the general questions can be found there. We often refer to the Documents site for inquiries that have been answered previously by other residents.



Through the Ensjøveien 31 Facebook page of the residents take part in casual conversations. Here they announce invites to barbecues in the garden as well as moving in and moving out parties etc. 🎉


The administration

The recommended and most effective way to get in touch with the administration in Ensjøveien 31 is to use the contact form previously mentioned ( Your question or inquiry will then be logged and saved, and we will do our best to process it as quickly and correctly as possible. 

We would like inquiries and feedback on everything that concerns Ensjøveien 31.


Long-tailed silverfish

There have been modest occurrences of long-tailed silverfish ( in some apartments. The insects are not dangerous. If you have found long-tailed silverfish in your apartment and are concerned, you can contact Pelias - the condominium's pest partner. (



We have a large charcoal grill in the garden, which we encourage residents to use whenever they want. It has a grid and lid, making it suitable for a bonfire as well as BBQing. In the garden there is also a gas grill. If you want to use it, you may contact the board and you will be able to borrow a gas tank.


🔥 Smoke Alerts 🔋 Battery

Remember to make sure every battery in the smoke alarms in your apartment are charged ♨️ 💨 🔔


🔥 Røykvarsler 🔋 Batteri

Husk å passe på at du har fullt batteri i alle røykvarslerene i leiligheten din ♨️ 💨 🔔

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